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Nick Murphy, CFP®

Founder and President


Fun Facts About Nick

  • Ran a marathon in 2010 and doesn’t necessarily plan to do it again
  • Went skydiving on his wife’s 40th birthday. He surprised her with the arrangement. They both survived.
  • Loves working out in his home gym, but also loves eating, which is why he says he doesn’t look like he works out every day.
  • Has a love/hate relationship with golf
  • Can recall the number pi to the 46th decimal (thanks to 7th grade geometry)

Nick is a man of commitment and passion.

He views his professional purpose as helping his clients steward their resources properly so that they can live a more meaningful life.

Since 2002, Nick has been supporting business owners, corporate executives, widows, medical/dental professionals and others in finding and meeting their own purpose through thoughtful wealth management. A problem solver, a critical thinker and a disciplined planner, he views wealth management as a 3D puzzle in which he artfully crafts unique outcomes to help maximize each client’s personal vision and goals. With a love of educating and communicating, he often spends considerable time helping clients understand the tactics being implemented as well as why they are in their best interest.

In 2021, Nick founded Counterweight Private Wealth to help create financial stability for his clients so that they can make their best life choices.
He leads the firm’s vision and strategy, and heads all financial planning and investment portfolio construction.

Before starting Counterweight, Nick was senior vice president/financial advisor at RBC Wealth Management (RBCWM), where he cofounded Oakport Wealth Group.
He also assisted in establishing the Raleigh, NC, branch of RBCWM and served as branch director for five years. Throughout his tenure, he was consistently recognized within the firm for practice leadership and growth.

Nick received a BBA and an MBA from Campbell University.
He also earned an executive certificate in certified financial planning from Duke University and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner.

A resident of Raleigh for over 20 years, Nick is married to his college best friend and sweetheart, Dru. They have three kids – Carter, Landon and Ansley – and a yellow lab, Roscoe.
With a penchant for pursuing travel adventures, his family is on a mission for the five of them to visit all 50 states by the time Ansley goes to college (2027). Their current count is 37 states (and a bonus Puerto Rico). Growing up on the eastern shore of Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay, he shares his love of the outdoors with his family, hunting, fishing, doing watersports and boating on the lake.

When Nick is not working or spending time with his family, he volunteers.
One of his most rewarding positions is serving as treasurer of the Raleigh Dream Center, a Christian-based social services nonprofit.